making a bequest to Friends of the Earth

Bequests make a great difference to our campaigns as they allow us to increase our effectiveness, spend less time on labour-intensive fund-raising, and allows for longer-term campaign planning.

A bequest can be made to FoE Australia or local group. You can, of course, request funds be spent on any of our campaigns or projects, for example you could specify that they contribute to campaigns that support Indigenous communities.  Please refer to the campaigns section of the website for information about these campaigns and projects.  

You may also want to direct the funds to one of our local groups, please see the following link for full details.

We also have plans to acquire a building for FoE Melbourne, and bequests can be earmarked for this fund.  

Friends of the Earth (FoE) Australia is a community-based organisation working towards an ecologically sustainable and socially equitable future.  We work at all levels, from the local to the global, to bring about changes, which will lead to a sustainable and equitable future.

As a grassroots activist network, we are able to make a little money go a long way.  We are part of the FoE International federation, which has more than 1.3 million members and 5,000 local groups active in 73 countries.  FoE Australia has been active for almost 40 years.

If you would like further information, please contact Mel Slattery in our campaigns office in Melbourne: (03) 9419 8700 ext 24,

If you have decided to name FoE  as a beneficiary in your will, please approach your solicitor if you have one, or your local community legal centre.  We recommend that you seek specific taxation and legal advice from qualified practitioners.  They will be able to give details on the different types of bequests and what this may mean for you and your family.  They will probably want to know that we have tax-deductibility gift recipient status, and all donations are exempt from Australian Income Tax.  Some examples of legally acceptable wording that can be used in your will are given later in this document.

It is legal for you to draw up your own will, but it must be:

  • In writing (typed or handwritten)
  • Signed by you in the presence of two witnesses (not beneficiaries)
  • Signed by your witnesses in your presence

A percentage.  Some people decide to share their estate between a number of people and/or charitable organisations.  They find that stating a percentage for each one is a useful way to divide their estate.

A specific bequest – money, property, etc. You may wish to state a specific sum of money (remembering that over time inflation will affect this) or asset such as property, parcel of shares, debentures, bonds or a life insurance policy.  You will need to have the specific bequest in the estate for it to be given to FoE.  In 1999, the laws regarding gifts of property changed to allow for greater tax benefits, including capital gains tax exemption.

The residue. This is any amount left over once you have made provisions for family and friends, where you decide to leave the residue to organisations like FoE.
Alternative Bequest. You can make provision that, if any named beneficiary cannot accept your bequest, then FoE will benefit.


    Where a specific bequest is intended

“I bequest to Friends of the Earth Australia (ABN 18 110 769 501) the sum of $……. and/or the following property and/or the following items: …… free of all duties and taxes to be used for the general purposes of the Association and the receipt of the Secretary or other proper officer of the said Association shall be sufficient discharge to my Trustee.”
    Where a residual bequest is intended

“I bequeath to Friends of the Earth the rest and residue of my Estate free of all duties and taxes to be used for the general purposes of the Association and the receipt of the Secretary or other proper officer of the said Association shall be sufficient discharge to my Trustee.”


If you have included Friends of the Earth in your will, please let us know.  This information is held in the strictest confidence, but is a great help to our campaign planning.  Also feel free to call us to discuss your plans for your will, and if you would like to make special provisions for any of our campaigns or the building fund.  Our office hours are Monday to Friday, 10am to 6pm.  Please ask to speak with either Melissa Slattery or Cam Walker.  We look forward to hearing from you.