Chain Reaction #125 -- November 2015

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Regular items

  • FoE Australia News
  • FoE International News

Challenging the privatised university:

  • Emerging tech and challenging the privatised uni − Jeremy Tager
  • The universities we need − Raewyn Connell
  • What's wrong with privatising universities? − Jeannie Rea
  • A focus on private investment means universities can't fulfil their public role − Margaret Thornton
  • How corporate investment corrodes the public research environment − Jack Heinemann
  • Why do universities still invest in fossil fuels? − Carol Richards
  • A shift towards industry-relevant degrees isn't helping students get jobs − Kristen Lyons and Richard Hill

Nuclear, climate, energy:

  • Nuclear power's long farewell?
  • Should Australia become the world's nuclear waste dump − Jim Green
  • Summing the health effects of the Fukushima nuclear disaster − Dr Ian Fairlie
  • Shenhua Watermark Coal – the fight for the Liverpool Plains continues − Aidan Kempster and Phil Evans
  • The fantasy of cheap, safe nuclear energy − Mark Diesendorf
  • The renewable energy revolution
  • Renewables can do 100%, but when will Australia see it done? − Alastair Leith
  • Eight things Malcolm Turnbull should do on climate, renewables − Giles Parkinson
  • Geoengineering: Striking targets or missing the point? − Ben Courtice
  • Poison or poverty? Glencore's blackmail of Borroloola − Lauren Mellor

Friends of the Earth articles:

  • Greening the Internet − Felicity Ruby
  • The Great Artesian Basin, Great Barrier Reef, Gulf of Carpentaria and inland Australia at risk − John Glue
  • A spoonful of sugar is not enough to help the TPP go down − Sam Castro and Kat Moore
  • Minmetals and the lead poisoning of Rosebery Tasmania − Anthony Amis
  • Inside Friends Of The Earth's Yes 2 Renewables Campaign − Lisa de Kleyn
  • FoE's campaign to stop whaling 1976-78 − Bro Sheffield-Brotherton
  • Black Hole documentary review − Phil Evans