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A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing?

A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing? An analysis of the 'sustainable intensification' of agriculture is a new Friends of the Earth (FoE) International publication. There is growing evidence of the global harm and biodiversity loss being caused by intensive, high-input agricultural production, globalised trade in industrial food, and overconsumption of food in some populations. The report is posted at

Nnimmo Bassey wins Norwegian human rights award

Nigerian environment activist and FoE International chair Nnimmo Bassey has been named this year's winner of Rafto Foundation Award for Human Rights. Nnimmo was chosen, according to the Rafto Foundation, "in recognition of his long-term fight for people's right to life, health, food and water in a world affected by complex and threatening climate change and mass environmental destruction. Through his rights-based work and criticism of prevailing systems, Bassey has shown how human rights can help mitigate the effects of these changes."

Nnimmo won the Right Livelihood Award in 2010 and in 2009 he was one of Time Magazine's Heroes of the Environment.

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International Day against Monoculture Tree Plantations

On September 21, FoE groups in a number of countries marked the International Day against Monoculture Tree Plantations with activities challenging the expansion of palm oil tree plantations destined for agrofuel production, challenging eucalyptus and other monoculture tree plantations grown for export, and exposing over-consumption and consumerism.

FoE International observer mission to Palestine

FoE International was invited by FoE Palestine ( to observe the environmental consequences of the Israeli occupation. The Observer Mission took place between August 26–29. Bobby Peek of South Africa and Eurig Scandrett of Scotland represented FoE International.

Peek and Scandrett met with local mayors, administrators and communities in the West Bank. They witnessed the environmental impact of the Israeli occupation throughout the West Bank. Untreated Israeli sewage and industrial waste contaminates Palestinian land. Water from the West Bank is denied to Palestinians so that Israeli settlers can live on Palestinian land. They also heard stories of the use of military force to destroy Palestinian cisterns and wells.

Global day of action against fracking

FoE International supported the Global Frackdown, an initiative of Food & Water Watch. The Frackdown was a mass global day of action on September 22 with over 125 actions demanding a ban on fracking around the world. Fracking is a highly destructive way of extracting oil or gas from the ground. It involves injecting millions of gallons of water mixed with sand and chemicals into hard shale rocks at high pressure to release the gas or oil that is trapped inside. Fracking threatens our air, water, communities and climate.

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Financialisation of nature

Attempts under way to assign a commercial value to our forests, lakes and mountains is a disastrous and worsening phenomenon. FoE France recently published a report discussing the severity of this trend, its origins and the reasons it must be turned around. It is titled 'Nature Is Not For Sale!' and is posted at

Mining and human rights violations in Argentina

Mining in Argentina is a big and growing business. As the industry grows, so too does the resistance. The mining companies continue in their work despite attempts by local and national groups to persuade them of the damage that the industry is causing to local ecosystems, resources and communities. As the resistance has grown and become more direct in its approaches, the response from government and private interests has become more and more severe. Read FoE Argentina's report on the situation, and what they are doing to support the struggle to protect their environment and the people whose livelihoods depend on it, at