Good News Stories

Good News

Friends of the Earth acknowledges the need to celebrate positive shifts and successes towards a socially just and environmentally sustainable society. We also understand that campaign victories are almost always the result of alliances between different groups and the broader community. In this section we  attempt to collate and share some of the inspirational stories that have risen out of local communities, within Australia and from around the world.

Please follow the links to our annual reports section to discover a comprehensive breakdown of positive stories from our work.

Have you always wondered who our own home grown hero’s are: Follow the link to ‘Inspirational Profiles’ section to discover who they are and what they have achieved in their community.

For comprehensive good news coverage from around the world via our partners and friends on our international work, see 'Voices of the Earth', our monthly publication (also available via email newsletter) produced in Amsterdam.

Our Successes include:

Friends of the Earth (FoE) has played a key role in the following successful campaigns:

  • an end to whaling in Australian waters
  • the protection of Antarctica
  • the introduction of lead free petrol in Australia
  • protection of Fraser Islands sub-tropical forests
  • the halting of the Jabiluka uranium mine
  • stopping the establishment of a high level radioactive waste dump in Australia
  • stopping the establishment of a low and medium level radioactive waste dump in South Australia
  • the introduction of independent timber certification systems in Australia
  • the creation of a new national park system along the Murray River of almost 100,000 hectares and the first jointly managed national park in Victoria.

We have been insturmental in pushing the environmental debate, often campaigning on issues long before they became mainstream. This includes:

  • climate change
  • GMOs
  • the threat posed by pesticide use in plantations and drinking water
  • third party (independent certification) of timber in Australia
  • the human rights dimensions of climate change - especially climate refugees
  • the emerging risks associated with nanotechnology

Friends of the Earth Australia (FoEA) has also played a pivotal role in establishing the following institutions and conventions:

  • Fair Trade Labelling in Australia
  • Forest Stewardship Council of Australia
  • the Australian Climate Change and Development Roundtable, which brought together environmental and development concerns