Howard, Blair and Bush asked: What would it take to ensure a safe London?

In the wake of Thursday?s tragic events in London, Friends of the Earth (FoE) Australia has called for a non-violent response by Western nations including Australia and foreshadowed the growth of the peace movement internationally.

?Friends of the Earth sympathise with the victims of Thursday?s bomb blasts in London and their families and friends,? said FoE spokesperson Dr Jim Green.

?The worst thing that could happen now is another violent response like the US-led invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq. We urge the British Prime Minister Tony Blair and his G8 counterparts to refrain from ill-considered or unilateral action but to seek international consensus concerning the path forward, including the support of the United Nations General Assembly.?

?The question now is how to ensure that London, New York, Sydney, Baghdad and capitals throughout the world are safe from violence, said Green. ?And the answer is not through further acts of violence.?

Since the election of George Bush Jr., the increasing militarisation of western foreign policy and September 11, there has been a resurgence in the peace movement internationally. Public rallies in Australia, the United States and throughout the world were larger than those held at the peak of the anti-Vietnam era.

?Mass rallies in Australia have signalled clearly to John Howard public opposition to military action that kills innocent children, women and men, just as they have throughout the West,? said Green.

?We must empower institutions such as the United Nations to fulfil their intended role ? as a forum for leaders to appreciate the aspirations of each others? nations, to work with determination to minimise inequality and suffering, and to co-operate toward global peace and security.?

?Violence and suffering goes on everyday in places like the Sudan, Iraq and Palestine and warrant an equivalent level of attention to atrocities such as the London bombing.?

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