Federal Government Gagging Climate Refugee Issue?

February 14, 2006

FRIENDS of the Earth have called on the Federal Government to recognise climate refugees and hold an investigation to prove the issue is not being silenced by the “greenhouse mafia”.

Last night's Four Corners revealed the extent to which the fossil fuel producers and energy intensive industries have influenced the development of government policy on climate change.

“It's outrageous that while Pacific Islanders are being left to drown, and the world is facing climate catastrophe, our Government has entertained the fancies of industry lobbyists”. Said Michelle Braunstein, Climate Justice Campaigner.

In failing to recognise and accept climate refugees from the Pacific, the Federal Government is neglecting their moral responsibility as the world's worst greenhouse gas polluter.

“The fact that Kevin Hennessy from the CSIRO Impact Group refused to comment at all on climate refugees, seems to confirm that Australia's climate scientists are being gagged. The onus is on the Government to tell the truth about climate refugees, and make policy that assists them”

Media Contacts:

Michelle Braunstein - Friends of the Earth Australia, Climate Justice Campaigner 0413 008 312

Cam Walker - Friends of the Earth Australia, Campaign Coordinator 0419 338 047