FNQ 2025 - Planning Review or Willful Bad Planning?

September 5, 2006

"The Beattie Government’s announcement of a new regional planning process for FNQ that specifically excludes the Kuranda Range 4-Lane Highway proposal from review is an affront to common sense” Sid Walker of Friends of the Earth Kuranda said today.

"FoE Kuranda has been campaigning for a circuit-breaking planning review that looks again at the Highway project. FoE seeks a review that takes into account – for the FIRST TIME – crucial issues such as climate change and ‘Peak Oil’. Government has disregarded these to date while planning the new Highway.

"Now the Beattie Government announces a regional planning review (FNQ 2025) of everything EXCEPT the half billion dollar plus Kuranda Range 4-Lane Highway.

"This treats Queensland’s taxpayers and the FNQ community with contempt. One can only interpret Mr Beattie’s words to mean that he intends the Highway WILL go ahead – and will receive NO further consideration - whatever the merits of the case.

“What kind of responsible governance is that?

"FoE Kuranda will continue to campaign against the proposed Kuranda Range 4-Lane Highway and consequential urbanization of the area surrounding Kuranda.

"We’ll continue to advocate sound and creative planning for our area – planning that doesn’t shirk the major issues of our time" he concluded. For more information contact Sid Walker 07 4093 8384 www.foekuranda.org