United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues 2008

FoE collaborated on submissions to the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, NY in April-May 2008, largely regarding the activities of Barrak Mining in relation to Indigenous people and lands.
  • FoE Submission on Human Rights (See article below)

AGENDA ITEM 5 on human rights: dialogue with the Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights and fundamental freedoms of indigenous people and other special rapporteurs

  • Submission presented by FoE International to the meeting (see article below)

Joint submission by Friends of the Earth International on behalf of Akali Tange Association Inc. Pogera Enga Province, Papua New Guinea in a joint intervention with Lake Cowal Mooka and Kalara United Families within the Wiradjuri Nation, Murray Darling Basin, Central new South Wales, Australia Western Shoshone Defence Project, Nevada, USA Laura Calm Wind, Kitchenuhmay Koosib Inninuwug, Canada Indigenous Peoples Links Centre for Organization Research and Education (CORE) Land is Life, Indigenous Environment Network (IEN)

  • Submission on the Pacific (see article below)

Agenda Item 4.2: Pacific/Sustainable Development