Climate Justice

Environment Watch - the Coalitions track record on environment

The federal election campaign of 2013 was environment 'lite', with mainstream media concentrating on a range of domestic and international issues, and very little coverage of climate and environment.

The Climate Change Hoax – The Greatest Hoax of All?

The notion of the Climate Change Hoax has recently been promoted by President-Elect Donald Trump, conservative politicians around the world, business leaders tied to the fossil fuel industry, and conservatives generally both in the USA and other Western nations.

Time to start the transition from coal

This year is an important one for climate action in Victoria. We now have a state renewable energy target (a VRET) and will soon have a legislated ban on all onshore unconventional gas drilling. A range of government policies will be announced soon which will shape the future of our state: these include the re-build of the Climate Change Act and a draft coal policy, both of which will be released by late 2016.

Time to ban underground coal gasification

The ABC is reporting that the Queensland Government has charged five former executives of Linc Energy with environmental offences over the failed company's alleged contamination of huge swathes of prime farmland in the state's south-east.

The charges relate to the alleged contamination caused by Linc Energy's underground coal gasification (UCG) operation near Chinchilla from 2007 to 2013.

South Australia storm a wakeup call to act on climate change and disaster preparedness

MEDIA RELEASE 29 September 2016

Friends of the Earth Australia

As emergency workers assist South Australians with the fallout from a historic storm that knocked down multiple power lines, causing a blackout across the state, national environment organisation Friends of the Earth say the storm is a wake up call to act on climate change and disaster preparedness.

Civil society to banks: get off fossil fuels!

Over 100 civil society organisations and prominent Australians have signed an open letter, published today, that calls on Australia’s major banks to live up to their climate change commitments.

Want to defend South Australia’s renewable energy leadership?

Join us on Tuesday September 13 to find out how you can get involved.

The fossil fuel sector has mounted an aggressive attack South Australia’s renewable energy leadership in recent weeks. These interests are trying to undermine renewable energy’s reputation and intimidate states who are taking leadership, such as the ACT, Victoria, and South Australia. 

Canberra: Call on COAG to stand up for renewables!

National Convention Centre Canberra on Friday 19 August

[Check here for our response to the COAG meeting].

Energy Minister right on renewables and climate, wrong on gas

Media release. Friends of the Earth Australia. July 28, 2016

New federal energy and environment minister Josh Frydenberg has indicated a significant shift in energy policy for the Coalition. Minister Frydenberg has said that more renewable energy will be required with the decline of coal.

The minister has also called for more gas supplies and suppliers and for gas moratoria to be removed.

Friends of the Earth are encouraged by the positive rhetoric on renewable energy but urge the new minister to support bans on risky onshore gasfield development.

Fuelling the fire: new coal technologies spell disaster for climate

A new report by Friends of the Earth International demonstrates how Underground Coal Gasification (UCG) and Coal Chemical technologies threaten to destabilise the earth’s climate and irreversibly damage local environments.

The report, launched today, comes in the wake of UCG being banned in Queensland, Australia. There is interest in and development of UCG in Europe, Russia, Canada, the US, China and India. It is currently under moratorium in Scotland.


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