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BHP and Leighton Holdings to drive deforestation and mining in Indonesian Borneo’s rainforests

Media Release: 7th November 2013

Friends of the Earth (FoE) has today called on BHP Billiton , Leighton Holdings, the Australian government and the World Bank to pull back on its plans for a massive expansion of coal mining in the Upper Barito Basin, a remote part of Indonesia’s forested province of Central Kalimantan.  

Galilee Coal Basin: Newman's Fire-sale on the Climate

MEDIA RELEASE Thursday 7th of November, 2013

At today's Major Project Conference, Newman has announced a fire-sale on the climate and the Great Barrier Reef according to environment group Friends of the Earth Brisbane.

Campbell Newman announced at the Major Projects Conference in Brisbane this morning that the Government would negotiate discounted royalties with the first mining companies in the Galilee basin, effectively subsidising their costs.

National Day of Climate Action!

Last summer was the hottest on record, breaking 120 extreme weather records. This year, summer has come early, and bushfires are already burning.

Tony Abbott and our new Government are already going backwards on climate change. They've cut the climate department, abolished the Climate Commission, and are getting ready to try repeal a price on pollution and renewable energy funding.

Right now, it is more important than ever before that we make it clear that the majority of Australians want climate action.

Nationwide. November 17.

Climate Connections Tour 2013

Hear about the threats posed by coal mining in Kalimantan. A Friends of the Earth speaking tour for environmental justice.

Climate Connections Tour 2013

Don't Dump on the Reef!

Rallies are being held around Australia this weekend to demand the federal government act to protect the Great Barier Reef rather than approving millions of tonnes of dredge waste to be dumped on the Reef.

Details below.

Protect the Reef

Federal Environment Minister Greg Hunt has just approved a massive dredging project at Abbot Point in Queensland – and putting the Great Barrier Reef in danger.

Please sign our petition to Mr Hunt.

Please also consider emailing him directly:


What is Tony Abbott planning?

The following is from The Age newspaper (April 20, 2012).

A COALITION government would give the states greater powers to grant environmental approval to major projects such as mines and ports, Tony Abbott will say today in a speech outlining sweeping plans to cut ''green tape''.

Rocky Hill coal mine - please take action

Just a few kilometres south of Gloucester- to the north west of Newcastle - is a locality named Forbesdale - a beautiful scenic location with wonderful views of the Gloucester valley, bounded on one side by hills known as the Mograni and also Rocky Hill, and on the other side by The Bucketts. 

However the NSW State government is currently considering whether to approve the Rocky Hill coal project, which will have a massive impact on the area around Forbesdale.

The Coalition and the Environment - issues to watch

As Australians consider what the change of government might mean for them after saturday's election, there can be little doubt that we are in for a big shake up when it comes to the environment.


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