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Time to stop listening to Front group’s junk science

media release 24 January 2012
Friends of the Earth


Documents received under a Freedom of Information (FOI) request to NSW Health cast doubt on the credentials of anti-wind farm campaigners who have been whipping up fears in communities around the country.

“Australia is now falling behind in the development of job-rich wind energy, largely due to the efforts of a small number of anti-wind farm activists who have waged a campaign of fear, uncertainty and doubt,” said Cam Walker, Friends of the Earth campaigns co-ordinator.

Gladstone Harbour Dredge Protest – environmental activist challenges court

Date 20 January 2012

Environmental protest given the green light in Queensland

Today in the Brisbane magistrates court, Magistrate Jim Herlihy gave the green light to environmental protestors in Queensland to take action to protect the environment from coal and coal seam gas development.

“This is a great day for Queensland, and a great outcome for the environment” said Derec Davies from Friends of the Earth.

Wind farms popular despite protests

Friends of the Earth’s Yes2Renewables campaign has welcomed today’s polling results that show rural residents remain overwhelmingly supportive of wind energy.

The survey, commissioned by wind farm developer Pacific Hydro, polled residents in areas where wind farms had been built. The results show 83% of respondents across three states support building wind turbines as a way to generate electricity.

No new coal in Anglesea - Time to make the transition

Environmental groups have demanded that Alcoa and the State Government come clean on any plans to expand the Anglesea coal mine into heritage-listed heathland.

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