Climate Justice

PM Abbott’s plan to axe the Renewable Energy Target “out of touch” and a disaster for jobs

The Australian Financial Review report today that the Abbott government is considering “axing” the Renewable Energy Target—Australia’s flagship renewable energy policy.

Australia, it’s time to divest from fossil fuels

On the 18th of October, Market Forces and will to coordinate what’s set to be Australia’s biggest ever day of divestment action on fossil fuels! We’re calling on thousands of Australians to turn out at bank branches around Australia and publicly close their accounts in protest if the big banks won’t stop funding the dirty fossil fuel industry.

Get involved – sign up for divestment day by filling in the form on this page. We’ll stay in touch with details on event locations and resources to help you switch banks and make it count.

Unconventional gas, oil and coal mining threatens SA

Most of South East South Australia is under exploration license for Unconventional Gas and Oil. The South Australian government’s “Roadmap for Unconventional Gas Projects in SA” outlines the government and industry vision to allow exploration and extraction of shale gas, coal seam gas and tight gas in 35% of the state. Tenements cover arid zone areas as well as populated regional areas, and important farmland.

Federal Government approves Queensland Carmichael Coal and Rail Project

Australia's biggest coal mine, the $16.5 billion Carmichael Coal and Rail Project in Queensland's Galilee Basin, has been given federal approval.

The Carbon price is gone - but what's next?

Well it didn’t go entirely to plan, but they got there in the end. Tony Abbott’s pledge to repeal the price on carbon finally got through the Senate today, with the support of Clive Palmer and his Party.

It is hard not to feel angry at a government that is so wilfully gutting the limited actions on climate change that had been put in place by the previous federal government.

But, of course, getting angry doesn’t change things. Getting strategically active does.

There are still aspects of federal climate action remaining, that we must work to defend (see below).

Funding coal ports on the Reef?

If Australia's big banks fund coal ports on the Great Barrier Reef, it could cost them a big pile of cash. Almost a quarter of a trillion dollars, in fact.

Read more here:

What about our islands? A community forum on climate change in the Torres Strait Islands

Wednesday 16 July and Wednesday 23 July

6 – 7pm

kuril dhagun, Lois Williams Room

State Library of Queensland, South Bank, Brisbane

The event includes screening of “Dire Straits”, a short film on Saibai Island, the video of an action by the Poruma (Coconut) Island community, and a panel discussion: Torres Strait Islander speakers & SBS reporter Stefan Armbruster.

For more information: Wendy Flannery or 0439 771 692

RET Road Trip 8: Renewables Energy Target creates jobs, investment on Canberra’s doorstep

Friends of the Earth wrapped up its fact-finding RET Review Road Trip at the Capital wind farm on Thursday June 19—right on Canberra’s doorstep.

We’ve travelled over two thousand kilometres to speak with communities who have benefitted from renewable energy or have been affected by fossil fuel pollution.

Climate Proofing Your Investments: making your money fossil free

Are your personal finances helping to damage the climate? Chances are they are, without you even knowing it. Do you have a bank deposit? Are you a member of a super fund? Do you own shares? If so, your money is probably being used to finance the companies that extract, transport and burn coal, oil and gas and cause climate change. Emissions from fossil fuels are the main cause of climate change – threatening damage to ecosystems, human health and economies.

Global Wind Energy Day

Wind farms create jobs and investment, delivers drought-proof income for regional towns, and help tackle global warming.

Sunday June 15, Parliament House.

This is why we’re celebrating Global Wind Energy Day 2014. You're invited!


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