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Parliamentary report fails on moratorium but puts CSG on government agenda

May 22, 2012 Media release
Environment Defenders Office – Environment Victoria – Friends of the Earth

Green groups have expressed disappointment that the joint parliamentary committee report into ‘greenfields’ mineral developments has failed to deliver a moratorium on further exploration for coal and coal seam gas.

“While the minerals industry got some of the fast tracking they had hoped for, the report has certainly not delivered them everything” said Friends of the Earth campaigns co-ordinator.

Gladstone Harbour Dredge Protest: local protestor supported by the courts


Today the Brisbane magistrates court supported the efforts of Gladstone local Mark Discoll in his stand defending the destructive dredging of the Gladstone Harbour in the Great Barrier Reef.

On the 14 March 2012 Gladstone local Mark 'Potts' Driscoll boarded and stopped one of the controversial Gladstone Harbour dredges. Mr Driscoll took action to defend the Great Barrier Reef and Gladstone Harbour from the destructive dredging caused by Queensland's coal seam gas industry.

You can’t eat your fossil fuel cake and be renewable too

Among the many commentaries on the budget, here’s our two cents’  worth as the budget relates to renewable energy and climate action.

First, the big item is that the diesel fuel tax rebate for off-road use has remained. Had this been scrapped or altered, it would have of course raised a lot of revenue from the main users of off-road diesel vehicles: miners and farmers.

Rural and urban Alliance calls on State Government to ban new fossil fuel projects

MEDIA RELEASE Thursday 12 April

Rural and urban Alliance calls on State Government to ban new fossil fuel projects

Victorian government wants more coal – the community wants farmland and clean water

Disappointment as Xstrata's Wandoan Coal Mine gets go ahead

Media Release

27 March 2012


The Queensland Land Court today recommended that the Wandoan coal mine proceed despite concerns raised by Friends of the Earth about the impacts of burning coal. Friends of the Earth, in a unique challenge to the mine's approval, argued for the outright refusal of the mega coal mine based on climate change impacts.

Halt the Dredging – Same problem same solution

Date 14 March 2012

Activists Halt Dredging in Gladstone Harbour

Marking the last day of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee visit to Australia protesters descended on Gladstone Harbour and stopped dredging. Mark (Potts) Driscoll chained himself to the harbour dredge Razende Bol and Rotterdam boat, shutting down the controversial development of the Coal Seam Gas LNG port facility on Curtis Island in Gladstone Queensland.

CSG walk ends in Gladstone

People concerned about the Great Barrier Reef will welcome UNESCO delegates.

media release March 7, 2012

Today UNESCO will visit Gladstone to inspect the state of the Great Barrier Reef. People from various organisations will be present to welcome them and to highlight their concerns about the dredging that has happened in the Gladstone Harbour.

At 12 noon the people will be lining the Bryan Jordan Drive Bridge with vibrant reef fish installations, colourful flags and banners.

NSW wind guidelines: limiting energy choices?

The NSW Planning & Infrastructure department is calling for submissions on the Draft NSW Planning Guidelines: Wind Farms which were released on December 23.

We encourage wind energy supporters in NSW, especially in rural and wind farm areas, to make a submission. You can make your submission anonymously, and it doesn’t have to be long or particularly formal.

Walking For A Future.

Departing Kumbarilla on February 9th, this 29 day walk of almost 500 km will culminate at Gladstone on March 8th, 2012 and highlight the impacts of the CSG industry on people, landscapes and climate.

Over a beer after a successful protest at a Santos shareholders meeting, June Norman, a 71 year old great grand mother, shared her desire for support for walk along the proposed gas pipeline and coal rail corridor to peacefully highlight the need to create a sustainable future whilst connecting with communities affected by these industries.

Time to stop listening to Front group’s junk science

media release 24 January 2012
Friends of the Earth

Time to stop listening to Front group’s junk science

Documents received under a Freedom of Information (FOI) request to NSW Health cast doubt on the credentials of anti-wind farm campaigners who have been whipping up fears in communities around the country.


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